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The Key® to Health, Wealth, & Happiness

The Key® is expanding the awareness of millions of people across the UK and the world, helping them to; focus their energy on creating a new vision, unlocking their potential, discovering purpose and live a fulfilled and abundant life.

Welcome to The Key

The Key is expanding the awareness of millions of people across the UK and the world, helping them to discover that when they choose a mind and heart set of health, wealth, happiness and love, amazing things begin to happen. The Key is helping people to open up to the probability that positive change will happen when they focus their energy on creating their vision and unlocking their purpose.

Described as “pure creative genius”. The Key is shifting perceptions and having a remarkable and significant effect on people just like you.

The Key will take you on that journey if you are open and curious and willing to really hear and see.

Thank you for being curious.


Christine McGrory MSc. BSc.                                 Author, Inspired Speaker and Founder




The Creation Process®

The Key teaches The Creation Process®… A genius three step process which is the “know how” and the “how to” create whatever it is you want to experience in your life.

The Question is: ”What do you want to create?”

The Key will unlock the answer.

The Key Philosophies

The Key has been created from a series of powerful, ancient and timeless philosophies. Each philosophy will deepen your awareness of you, your environment and your world. The Key is the spirit of NOW.                                                                                         Click the image to see The Key Philosophies series.

The Science

The Key has been developed around new scientific discoveries which help us understand how we create at an energetic and subconscious level. Understanding this Science is a powerful and life shifting experience which will quite literally blow open an unlimited world of possibilities.

“Grace” The Key Book

Grace, by Author and Founder Christine Friel McGrory, is an inspirational and powerful story. Described as “The Scottish Alchemist”, Grace an Amazon 5 star book, teaches the reader The Creation Process ® and The Key Philosophies in the most magical and heart warming way.

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The Key Timeline

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The Key Teachers

Christine McGrory MSc. BSc , Founder

Christine McGrory, Creator of The Key and Author of ‘Grace’ is a world class speaker recognised for her charm, energy and unique ability to engage the heart. An entrepreneur, Key Teacher and student of ancient spiritual and personal development, Christine energises every audience who has the opportunity to hear her. Christine has a MSc. in Corporate Leadership and a BSc in Chemistry. She received recognition from the Queen in 2000 for her work in the community and was voted one of Scotland’s most influential women in 2006 by the Herald. In 2015 Christine was also voted Scottish Business Mentor of the year.

Lauren Taylor, Glasgow & Ayrshire

A serial entrepreneur, Lauren launched several successful businesses in the health and fitness industry before discovering The Key in 2011. Being immediately drawn to its teachings; philosophies and format Lauren naturally incorporated The Key into her own life. Witnessing the benefits of this, Lauren became one of The Key’s Founding Teachers and is now contributing to The Key’s global vision. As a student of and practitioner of Reiki, Lauren is interested in all aspects of energy work and how we use it in our daily lives.

Megan McGrory

Megan McGrory is a new breed of Key Teacher. Described as kind and aware but with wisdom and knowledge beyond her years. Megan is set to engage and inspire a whole new audience for The Key as well as engaging the hearts and minds of young people – The Key New Generation.

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