Grace was exhausted and unhappy with her life; disconnected from her family, friends, work and herself, but she couldn’t understand why. Deep in her heart she longed for something else…

A seemingly chance encounter with a mysterious old lady takes Grace on an extraordinary adventure; she comes alive on a journey of self-discovery and finds that her life has meaning and purpose.

Chapter by chapter, the book blends ancient truth and science and teaches each of us how to harness the power of our Universe to create a happy and fulfilled life.

This compelling story is told in the most heart-warming, fun and creative way. Held within each page is the power to shatter outdated thinking about how life works, how we influence it, and why we are here. And most of all, Grace presents a sequence of simple, yet powerful philosophies that will assist you to discover your own unique purpose and connect you to the infinite source of love, happiness and fulfilment.




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About The Author – Christine Friel McGrory MSc. BSc.

Christine is a successful entrepreneur, an inspired speaker and corporate trainer with many of the UK’s top 100 companies. She is widely recognised for her charm, grace and unique ability to engage the heart.

Practising and teaching a variety of transformational leadership and spiritual approaches learned from world-class teachers and with a MSc. in Corporate Leadership and a BSc in Chemistry, Christine is uniquely positioned to understand and teach both the spirit and science behind Creation.

Receiving recognition from the Queen in 2000 for her work in the community, she has also been voted one of Scotland’s most influential women.

In 2015 she was voted Scottish Business Women of the year.

In 2010, Christine’s entrepreneurial spirit unlocked “The Key”; a seminal personal transformation programme. With her unique creative ability, Christine has now authored “Grace” which takes The Key Philosophies and winds them into a ground breaking, magical and powerful life changing story.


The Inspiration for Grace


What People Are Saying



Grace is a gift that when understood,
will change your life forever.
Grace will help you ….

  • be free and happy for no apparent reason
  • feel an incredible gratitude for life
  • release anything that is stopping you love yourself
  • find your hearts’ desire and unlock your purpose
  • tap into the energy and power of The Universe
  • expand beyond what you ever thought was possible
  • believe in YOU

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Opening her eyes she found herself in an extraordinary room dominated by huge bookcases with glass doors. Intricately carved wooden pillars and walls supported an antique ceiling decorated with wood paneling and cornicing framed with coats of arms. The ceiling stood thirty majestic feet above her. She was in an old library and it was astonishingly beautiful. As the sun beamed through the enormous windows, the stained glass projected a rainbow image of the Greek philosophers Virgil and Homer onto the antique floor. Grace sensed that she was in a monastery or convent, or somewhere equally spiritual. She could hear the faint echo of voices in quiet prayer and feel love and faith in the very fabric of the walls. As she ran her hand over one of the bookcases, her eyes exploring the wonder before her, she whispered ‘So much knowledge and wisdom.

About The Book Cover

“I wanted the book to be a treasured keep sake as well as a powerful read. That is why I commissioned Gillian Orr to paint the book cover.”

“The painting is called "CREATION" and each element of Gillian’s artwork has a significance hidden within the pages of the book.”

Gillian is a talented multi-media artist. A graduate of the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, Gillian’s enviable skills base comprises a wide range of disciplines including, fashion, textiles and prop design. Christine is both delighted and honoured that Gillian accepted her invitation to design the artwork for Grace’s book cover, ‘Creation.’


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Read What Others Have Said Below:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Grace gives you those lovely little butterflies
9 Sep 2014
By Ashleigh Howden

Started and finished this book in one day! A wonderful story with a powerful message. Grace gives you those lovely little butterflies in your tummy and makes you feel like anything is possible. The magician was my favourite chapter… have already found myself rereading it. Looking forward to receiving the hard copy to treasure xx


5.0 out of 5 stars

A delicious escapism within a beautiful and magical adventure story that teaches you that life has meaning and purpose.
6 Sep 2014
By Karen Larter
Format: Kindle Edition

If there is one book that you have to buy in life, this is it! I read this book in one sitting; a sure indicator of how absorbing and accomplished the book is. Grace is about a young woman who comes alive on a magical journey of adventure and self-discovery as she finds that life has meaning and purpose. This book will absolutely change your life, and you will want everyone you know to read it, but will not be willing to give up your own personal copy! You will want to give Grace to family and friends, those who you think may feel a little lost, knowing that this book has the potential to bring them some clarity, possibly a measure of peace, and definitely a delicious escapism in a beautiful and magical story. A phenomenal read, this book will create a passion deep inside that will never leave you.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Grace is a book of our times. I love it!
8 Sep 2014
By Anne McIntosh
Format: Kindle Edition

Disconnected from your career, your family and friends, yourself? Meet Grace. She is everyone of us…trying to make sense of the world we live in and, crucially, our role in it. If you have ever had the sense that there must be ‘more’, that you should be somewhere else, perhaps even doing something else then dip into this joy of a book. More than a story, Grace is manual for life… Blending science and spirited philosophy, Grace shares proven, practical tools and techniques which each of us can use daily to create the life we deserve. The most successful people on the planet use them so why not us? What will ‘Grace’ do for you? It will show you that there is another way… and that you can start recreating the story of your life day by day, chapter by chapter . You owe it to yourself to add this little magical masterpiece to your bookshelf.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Like The Key courses the simplicity of this book is it’s genius
8 Sep 2014
By Lilia Sinclair
Format: Kindle Edition

Like The Key courses the simplicity of this book is it’s genius. Grace becomes your friend and you are excited and curious to see what is going to happen next. It unfolds beautifully and helps get a very powerful message over without you realising what is going on at the time. You will read and reread paragraphs as you go on this amazing journey with her. Powerful and captivating, but at the same time something you can use to read to children as a great tool for their imagination and introduction into science and quantum physics. You simply MUST read it. Written in an easy to read style but delivering a powerful message for our time.


5.0 out of 5 stars

I absolutely love it!!!!
7 Sep 2014
By Jackie Whigham

Christine I started your amazing book last night and I’ve got to tell you I absolutely love it!!!! I was trying to hold my eyes open with my fingers last night so I could read more!!! but couldn’t keep my peepers opend – however I’ve been up from just after 6 this morning reading it…I’m sooo happy you followed your bliss. I’ve so much to say about what I’ve read so far and will be telling everyone I know to get their copy! It will be my pleasure Christine to spread the word of your beautiful book and watch what personality the Universe gives ‘her’ to travel around the world.