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Megan McGrory

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The Key to Health and Well-being is a natural and innovative approach to achieving optimum health.
The LIVE event will give you an overview of The 8 Keys that Mother Nature gifted us to ensure a healthy, happy and energised sense of being.

A new way of thinking about health; The Key to health and Wellbeing has been developed with industry expertise and the inspired tried and tested Key Creation® process. This event will give you a clear and simple way to achieve better health. Developed on timeless wisdom it is quite simply another genius Key approach to living in optimum health in a toxic world.

During this LIVE event you will discover:

  • What you are made of and it’s connection to health.
  • Discover The 8 Keys which Mother Nature gifted us.
  • Create a desire to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  • Become aware of beliefs that may be blocking your view of better health.
  • Get excited about a simple and natural way to regain your vitality and energy.
  • Begin the adventure of health in alignment with nature.

This powerful Health & Well-being experience will blow apart the myths about achieving optimum health FOR LIFE.


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About your Teacher

Megan has appeared on Channel 4’s For Thought TV programme and SOLD OUT the firstpersonal development events ever delivered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 and 2017. She has also appeared as a KEY NOTE SPEAKER in front of 450 people at the SECC arena in Glasgow and was chosen as an inspirational speaker for THE BEST YOU Exhibition inLondon 2017. Additionally she has been recently nominated as one of Scotland’s 100 ‘Positive Disruptors’.

As a successful entrepreneur and business person, Megan understands the highs and lows of start- up businesses and has used the Key Principles to successfully grow her own Key enterprise.

As a Mentor she has been described as wise beyond her years, creative, dynamic and energetic; a professional who connects with mentees of all ages and backgrounds.

Her transformational programmes; The Key, The Key to Health and Wellbeing, FOR LIFE, Unlock Mentoring and Master Key are widely acclaimed throughout the UK as ‘beyond transformational’ and ‘Pure Creative Genius’.

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9 reviews for The Key to Health and Wellbeing – LIVE
Megan McGrory

  1. Nikki
    5 out of 5

    I completed the first the health and wellbeing course only a week ago and I can honestly say it has changed my life completely.
    I was holding onto so many negative things in my life and after this course I have learned to let go. I used to walk around like a volcano not knowing if I was going to explode, my sleeping pattern was all over the place with constant over thinking and I was never feeling great.
    I am now relaxed, sleeping by 10pm and waking feeling refreshed and bouncing out of bed. I’m juicing every day and feeling amazing.
    I would recommend everyone to do this course it is truly eye & mind opening

  2. Catherine
    5 out of 5

    I’d give this a rating of 50 trillion stars. I loved it. Everyone should do this course male and female children and adults. It just makes so much sense and providrs you with the tools to embrace and enjoy a fulfilling and abundant life. Lauren is such an amazing woman and truly an inspiration.

  3. Ailsa
    5 out of 5

    An utter joy. Things clicking into place all over the shop. After 15 years of sleep problems, I’ve conquered it! Body clock is reset and sleep is now easy. Success! I feel on track with myself and also feel like I’ve found a community I want to grow and develop further with. It’s an investment in making your own life a terrific experience and I encourage everybody to go…do it!

  4. Louise
    5 out of 5

    Fabulous event reminding us that we are nature and that nature has provided us with everything that we need to look after our cellf… Would recommend this course to everyone…. You may think you know all this stuff.. YES you maybe do.. however after looking at health & wellness from a different taught perspective, You will leave feeling empowered to embrace Health & Wellness.

  5. Stephanie
    5 out of 5

    It is rare and precious to allow yourself to be stopped in your tracks with your eyes, ears and heart wide open and to be utterly inspired and motivated to create the best version of yourself. A powerful experience of gaining knowledge, discussion and reflection. I left more informed with a much richer awareness and prepared to make better choices in order to optimise my life. Not forgetting meeting a fabulous bunch of positive and like minded folk! Six months have passed since I completed the FOR LIFE programme and also attended THE KEY WORLD RETREAT, the changes that I have made are astonishing and clear for all to see. I’m much more energised, eating and sleeping better, and I am NOW a YOGA TEACHER. Thank you!

  6. Anne McIntosh
    5 out of 5

    What an absolute gift! A gem of a programme and one of the most life enhancing and life transforming you will ever come across. We have all been enticed by this diet or that, by the latest product endorsements and trends or current ‘celebrity’ thinking and philosophies but this course literally shakes you by the shoulders and screams ‘Wake Up!!’. Crammed with cutting edge thinking and backed by robust scientific evidence this is the programme which goes where others fail to tread. Every session builds on the previous and the ‘aha’ moments come thick and fast. At last a programme which debunks myths and instead educates us about our bodies, our lives and our world. I can’t thank Christine enough for this genius programme which has benefitted me and, crucially, by extension, my family. We are better informed, we now eat better, we sleep better, we live better…and all because we ‘know’ better thanks to this course. Questioning is good and learning new information is even better. Good health and how to promote it is one of life’s greatest gifts. You deserve it and so does your family and this programme is your starting point for an amazing journey!

  7. Lizzie
    5 out of 5

    Christine is a dynamo – full of creative energy. Her background as a scientist gives credence to her teaching about health and wellbeing, which incorporates the basics of living in a way that embraces the basic needs of our bodies. I went to Ibiza on a Key World Retreat in May, which was an amazing experience and taught me so much. Christine is a great teacher and an inspiration to every she meets.

  8. Barbara Roworth
    5 out of 5

    I am so very grateful for The Key for it’s wonderful approach to a having a meaningful, healthy and fulfilling life. I have researched health and well being for many years, through books and courses. It is a fascinating subject but I have found it difficult to put all the different aspects of it into practice due it’s many considerations. Christine has adopted a practical but spiritual approach to the many subjects and has made it so easy to bring everything together and live a balanced joyous life. I love being around The Key as it such a warm, loving place to be and on the courses I have learned to bring all it’s teachings into my life to also make it a warm and loving place to be. I have found my Mojo for a wonderful life!

  9. John Rice
    5 out of 5

    This programme is truly sensational and would thoroughly recommend to everyone. Attended several of the Key Programmes and found each and everyone to be fantastic however this ground breaking programme truly ticked and continues to tick every box for me in respect of my own personal well being. Christine shares my own personal beliefs that you cannot truly know something until you experience it and that the fastest route to personal growth is through immersion. This unique and life changing programme ensures that over a 12 month period you will both experience it and be immersed in it. The science behind Health and Well Being is constantly evolving and Christine with her insatiable curiosity ensures that this programme is constantly ‘cutting-edge’ Where you wish to squeeze the absolute maximum out of your life I simply could not recommend more highly. Christine is an outstanding mentor in this particular field and personally found the interaction with other students amazing. This interaction continues to this day. As Nike are fond of reminding us daily – JUST DO IT !!!!!!

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